Backpack Survivor Skills – What to Pack in the situation of a disaster

Have you noticed how many things women pack for a trip? Almost everything that they own… isn’t it? It’s as if their life depended on it even if they can’t haul it past their doorstep.

While this might one of those Life situations that is funny, there are other times (such as in the case of being prepared for a disaster) where knowing what to pack in order to survive the worst natural or man-made disaster can make the difference between Life and death.

The Backpack Survivalist

While you are busy laughing at the situation provided earlier, there comes a point when being a backpack survivalist entails lugging into the woods whatever you can carry, and in some case, you’ll realize that you need more than a backpack.

Take for example, the situation of a nuclear disaster or even a hurricane. In both cases, you have to leave the scene for a carefully chosen hideout where you might have to stay at for a certain amount of time.

So, what do you carry then?

If you’re thinking: A year’s supply of food… you’ve got another thing coming because of the fact that you will need a truck to carry so much with you, not understanding that there are other things that you might need in order to survive especially if you have carefully picked a hideout where there isn’t any ready made food or water.

Bare Necessities to carry in a Backpack

While you might ideally want to carry a lot of food, water, medication, guns and so on and so forth, it wouldn’t be a good idea to carry all this stuff in vehicle and drive off since there will be several people like you on the road as well.

However, there are some items that you must carry with you in your backpack in order to survive in these situations because without which – there will be no second chances.

#1: Maps, guide book and a compass
Lewis Carroll once quoted: “If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.” And while this saying was meant in a figurative sense, there is great truth in it especially if you are attempting to survive a national disaster. Keep the latest maps, guide books and a compass with you at all times.

#2: Water
In order to avoid infection, carry water with you, even if you wish to risk your life and limb by drinking water from natural sources. This is imperative!

#3: Fire
The ability to build a fire is one of the most basic skills that one has to learn when in the jungle. Waterproof matches, tinder, firesticks, lighters, lighter fluid are necessary just in case you are cold.

#4: Knife
Try a Swiss Army knife which can really come in handy in a variety of situations.

#5: Items like an emergency blanket & a rain suit
You won’t enjoy hypothermia if you are caught in the rain, and these two items can not only provide you with warmth but serve a dual purpose in creating a shelter.

#6: First Aid, medication and extra clothing
Just in case you slip your footing and get injured, it would be advisable to carry first aid so that you can tend to yourself rather than being left susceptible to infection out in the wild.

In Closing
Remember that not carrying any of these items can cause you more harm than good, and truthfully speaking, still is a bare essentials list.

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