Outdoor Survival Skills

While mankind might have evolved from the age of the hunter-gatherer, the word “survival” continues to hold water in the physical sense, if you are stranded in the jungle with little or no aid.

Human being are really not very different from animals, and ever since Darwin proposed his theory of ‘natural selection’, you can see it in action as soon as someone gets lost in the jungle.

Of course, not all of us will get training such as fictional character known as Rambo who never dies no matter what odds he is up against, so we have to get trained (if only in a limited fashion) in order to meet only our lower-order needs if we are stranded in the jungle.

The Fight or Flight Response
From the very dawn of time, the human brain has been wired to survive, thanks to the part of the brain that is geared to respond to instinct as opposed to intellect.

And while this was a theory that was derived from observing animals and their response to a threat, it isn’t any different with humans either even if this threat does not come from the jungle.

So what should this tell you?

Humans have the ability to survive in any situation as it only requires them to only use their instinct (the most basic of thought processes) in learning to do so.

Why you should learn survival skills

But is it really necessary to learn survival skills?

To answer that question, here are a few situations that we might find ourselves in where these basic skills might come in handy:

Instance #1: World War III,
Albert Einstein said that if we used nuclear warheads in World War III, we’d soon be back to fighting with bows and arrows, thanks to the mass destruction capabilities of these weapons.

Instance #2: Natural and Man-made disasters
Natural and man-made disasters come a close second as you never know when either of these situations will strike the location where you live as well. Trust me, it’s not funny hanging on for dear life beneath a pile of rubble which can so easily be remedied if you had learned the basic survival skills earlier.

Instance #3: Power Outage
In the case of a power outage in your town or city, how will you survive without light and heat? What makes this situation even more scarier is if you have little children to take care of.

Instance #4: Food shortage
Now let’s say there is a food shortage or famine, how do you think you will survive without food or water? Learning the basic skill of finding different sources of food and water in the jungle can come in handy especially if these items are scarce.

Instance #5: Epidemic
Thanks to an epidemic, it can become impossible to obtain your basic necessities of food and water or even live in the proximity of those who are “sick”. The only way by which you can survive is by looking for other (read as: purer) sources of food and water in the jungle or away from people who are afflicted by the epidemic.

In Closing
No matter what you think, there are several reasons why you should attempt to learn these survival skills as you never when disaster strikes! And as Darwin said: there is no doubt that only the strong (and the prepared) will survive!

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