Survival Kit Ideas

Ever been caught in a hurricane, tornado or storm before, with your pants down? Er… not literally, of course! Meaning, with no survival kit!

Well, of course you have!

And if you haven’t, your friends, colleagues or well-wishers would’ve have at some point of time ruminating over the gory details of a survivor’s story that they’ve heard from the friend of a friend’s friend.

And if that hasn’t happened, the news is always ready, willing and able to provide you with the latest survivor stories (not before flashing the ‘Parental Advisory’ warning, though) as well.

And if you’re forgetful or the careless types, sooner or later you’d hear yourself go: “Oops! That could’ve been me alright.”

As for the macho types who have these deluded fantasies of playing a real-life Alan Quartermain or Indiana Jones, just remember you’ll be gone long before you can say: “Oops!”

Nature, in all its glory, does not take prisoners… for example, look at Pompeii. And if you think this example is rather far-fetched and ridiculous, the timing of the disaster was far from it at least from Nature’s point-of-view! As for its inhabitants, their chances of survival were ridiculous!

You’re no stranger to the old saying: “Prevention is always better than cure.”

So, it bodes well (not unless you have suicidal tendencies nor do you care about the lives of your loved ones) to prepare a survival kit for a storm, hurricane or tornado.

You might say: “Alright genius. Innuendos, we can do without. What next?”

So here we go:

For one, you can build yourself a nuclear shelter or a panic room. OK, kidding.

From the top once again:
The first thing to keep in mind is that a survival kit should contain supplies (medicinal or nutritional) that will keep you going 3 days or more.

Secondly, depending on whether you’re in a storm, hurricane or tornado zone, it would be wise to assess what supplies you need most. A little creativity would go a long way in saving money and more importantly saving your life (or another’s) rather than buying general survivor kits at your nearest hardware store.

To cut a long story short: Prepare a survival kit according to your needs!

Next, find the safest place at your residence for your survival kit. Normally, the bathroom is the strongest section of the house, so it wouldn’t be too bad an idea to store it there.

Then, if you’re not necessarily the meticulous kinds, prepare a checklist of items and supplies that you think is most needed.

To get you started, here is a list of general must-have items such as Band-Aids, bandages and tape, cuts and scratches sprays, disinfectants, alcohol, scissors, a small knife, a flashlight (with extra batteries of course), candles and the scourge of every forgetful smoker, matches. Water and food won’t be such a bad idea to keep just in case you do stay in a disaster-prone area.

Other items that are very useful are a small weather or FM radio with batteries (still in their packaging). Tweezers, needle and thread are also great survival kits ideas (nylon or thin fishing line is best) as well as some non-prescription aspirin and antacid as well. A supply of prescription drugs is mandatory if someone in your family is dependent on medicine such as Insulin, heart and high blood pressure medicine.

Perhaps a smaller version of this survival kit would come in handy in your car. Victims of accident are a common thing these days, and perhaps you can save a life (or someone can save yours) until the ambulance arrives to take it from there. Better safe than sorry, right?

Now what if the accident takes place away from your car or home?

No big deal. Carry items such as band aids, a pocketknife and other items on your person when traveling. Women would find this easier to do, as they carry a purse but there’s still hope for the men since the advent of slacks or belts with zippers pockets built to keep your money safe. How about carrying items that keep you safe as well?

Some might say: “Isn’t that being a bit paranoid? I’m a free spirit.”

Well, in that case, do it to help someone else who you might run into (pun not intended) that might be less fortunate than you.

The last thing that they need is someone who just stands around and says: Oops!

What do you have in your survival kit?

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