Survival Seeds: And man’s dependence on Technology…

When Linda Hamilton, Edward Furlong and Arnie got together in Terminator 2: Judgement Day, the movie brought an interesting fact about how mankind’s vulnerability lay deep in their greatest strength: technology.

Our dependence on technology is growing day-by-day, and it’s getting to be a bit too much, honestly. No one uses a normal cellphone anymore but they have the need for a smart phone that does anything but washes your butt. (And I’m sure they come up with something like that!)

People use calculators to add numbers below 100… that really sucks! Doesn’t anyone use what they learned in school anymore?

And for all you know, the technology used in the nuclear warheads might be the very reason why mankind might tip over the cliff and into complete extinction.

God forbid, any of these situations arise, and we lose what we so tend to take for granted, survival will become difficult if we aren’t able to find nourishment in the form of food and water.

Are Survival Seeds the answer?
While some people might dismiss the very idea of an apocalypse happening, there are a few indications that the environment is under pressure.

The lack of water is one of the most pressing concerns that affects governments everywhere while natural disasters ensure that families have to cope with little or nothing as soon as they’re struck by a tsunami or an earthquake. The possibility of these natural disasters (as opposed to man-made disasters) are just as likely…

This is where survival seeds come into play, and here is an interesting video that introduces you to the world of these seeds, and the underlying philosophy that involves the selling of these seeds.

But is it really needed?

Some of these folks… well, watch the video, and that should tell you enough! (Read this link while you’re at it too.)

Now there are two things that you can derive from the video though… you must either think that these people are crazy or are smart depending on how you view the economy.

However, the truth is that you shouldn’t order these items unless you take the assistance of a farmer who will tell you the difference between what is ‘fake’ and otherwise.

But if you are interested, you might want to know where you can find these survival seeds.

Where you can find Survival Seeds
Honestly, the first place that you can look for these seeds is over the internet. It’s everywhere… propaganda and all!

You wouldn’t even need me to help you with some links for this… all you will have to do is Google the very words to find sites that will help you with the details, and you will have the options that you can pick from. (So I won’t even bother to look for them, and insult your intelligence in the process!)

In Closing
Perhaps if your greatest fears should be conquered, it should be in our minds. It’s too often that we give way to our fears and do crazy things. However, in being positive towards the extreme, there’s no harm in actually taking a second look!

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  • Mike Franklin

    Well, waiting to learn to grow stuff after the bottom falls out is a bad plan. Right now we reduce our grocery expenses by planning a small garden. When the time comes, and I think it has for many people already, all you have to do is expand the garden you already have.

  • Don Payson

    I’m expanding now.. as much as I can. Experimenting with different things in different locations to see what works and what doesn’t..Just like starting one, waiting til after the fact is too late

  • Rattlerjake

    I have been growing ALL of my own food for 15 years (poultry, rabbits, pigs, goats,honey, and a very varied garden, tilapia, catfish, prawns, fruit trees/shrubs/vines). The only thing I buy (but can do without) is the occasional junk food. It is amazing at the number of people you meet the DON’T HAVE A CLUE!

  • marten

    I have met people who support PETA who actually believe that no animals are killed when you buy meat from the store.

  • Sharon Windus

    lol.. sounds like the woman from church who, when farmers were dumping their milk in protest, claimed it didn’t matter if they dumped or not as SHE got her milk from the grocery store, not a farmer.

  • Sharon Windus

    I just wished I had a place to grow my own food. I live in an apartment building and the best I can do is container planting in the apartment near windows or under grow lights…. which of course need electrical power.

  • Rattlerjake

    Sadly it will be many of the “city dwellers” that will be the first casualties of starvation when SHTF. But there are also a lot of farmers that are not really farmers, they simply grow monocrops by the book, and they haven’t a clue how to grow a vegetable garden.

  • Don Payson

    There is always something somewhere you can grow..Maybe get somekind of co-op going with you neighbors?

  • Alleged Comment

    You should be practicing gardening NOW!

  • Frank Gugino

    The ones who are really at risk are the people who have been (educated) the last 40 or 50 years in our public school system,and who have been INDOCTRINATED instead of educated., (by lazy and politically motivated teachers) They have been allowed to use electronic devices,calculators and computers instead of (paper and pencil) where you had to use your head instead of a machine. We who were taught to figure out problems in our head,will be at an advantage,and finally recognized as “useful elders”

  • Bill Giles

    Living off the land also gives you more control of a healthy diet and more variety. I fish several times a week, and I keep the small fish and feed my cats them instead of throwing them back when they are going to die anyway. My cats are thriving and I save a lot if money on food for my family and cats.