Survival Skills Course

No matter how you look at it, we learn new things everyday. Yet some people make an assumption that as soon as they’re out of college, their learning ends.

Nothing can be further from the truth… look at the people who lived through the Old Stone Age, for example. How did they manage to survive with little or no know-how when it comes to getting their basic needs met?

Yes, we’re talking about food, clothing and shelter… and perhaps while you can relate these people in being street smart (as opposed to book smart), you should be able to read between the lines because it’s a significant part of today’s fast-paced life albeit in a different way.

The only difference being that we have proper courses that have been structured keeping learning psychology in mind, and which will be as skills-oriented as possible.

The “old guard” of learning by doing is now supplemented by proper courses, books, blogs and websites that can definitely teach you what you need and more is the way you can take up courses which help you develop communication and language skills but also survival skills as well.

Survival Skills Courses

Since these courses need to be kinesthetic (meaning skill oriented) by nature, it’s doubtful that an effective course can be taught indoors. Meaning, the classroom…

So if you are looking to learn about how to survive in the wild, not only will this require you to find books, short tips from the internet but also explore the wild in the form of courses offered in several skills such as wildlife tracking all the wilderness survival courses taught by guides with years of experience.

Alternatively, joining the marines will also teach you a lot in terms of survival skills, and with just a knife at that too.

Yes, military training in this area requires you to not only survive in the jungle by learning how to hunt for food, make a fire, find or even make your own shelter but also use these skills to camouflage yourself from the enemy.

To say the least, this is serious survival training where you might even be hunted down like a common criminal by the enemy, and so, this means that you have to use the jungle against them and make it work for you at all levels.

You must remember that when you are behind enemy lines it is paramount to be able to destroy your enemy, whether man or beast, without guns but silently. Of course, this means that you will also learn how to make traps to hunt for animals and your enemies, and thus survive their own as well.

Stealth is everything…

This will be a comprehensive course which will go on for army personnel which will get more and more difficult as the years go by.

Now if you aren’t so keen on developing these skills at an extreme, you can also avail of civilian courses such as found at this link.

In Closing
No matter whether this is about just acquiring the basic survival skills in order to be prepared for any kind of disaster or even to relish the highest form of commando training in several environments, survival training courses are available to all. You just have to pick which one you would like…

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  • oaking

    For the young, the Boy Scouts will teach quite a bit about survival, they will also teach the adult leaders as well, but it can be tougher on the older ‘boys’

  • Fox Fire

    The Marines is a place where you CAN learn survival, but you have to seek it out. I learned far more in 3 years in Boy Scouts about survival than I ever learned in the Marines. And I stayed in the Marines so long that they now pay me to stay OUT!

    Semper Fi!

  • ricktenny

    Well I’m an old fart and that put me in the Army just in time to finish Infantry School then get inspired and volunteer for Airborne School. That got me a seat on a nineteen hour flight from Travis Air Force Base to Saigon. I was just in time the years to come just how much I did learn about the kind of survival skills we think in terms of today. As an added bonus when I have my Grandsons out in the woods with me learning to hunt and camping, if we encounter , an irate land owner with a gun I feel like I could survive that too. So your point of sign up for a few years is well taken and I second it.