Survival Videos: Unlimited Guidance on Extreme Weather Survival

Battling the elements is perhaps the most difficult aspect of a survival situation. Hunger, thirst, loneliness and pain all become twice as hard to bear if the temperatures soar too high or drop too low. Surviving such conditions becomes a challenge at which you cannot succeed without sufficient background knowledge of survival strategies, tips and techniques. While books are the richest source of survival knowledge, many of us do not have the patience for reading entire volumes on a subject. For such people, the best option is to learn all they need to by watching videos. In the past, it may have been difficult to gain access to a sufficient number of survival videos that the knowledge you gain from them can actually equal that which you gain from a book. Now, however, Youtube has made this immensely easy for us. Ultimate survival guidance about any aspect or environment is just a click away, and extreme weather survival is no different.

Type “winter survival” into the search field. You will get so many results that it will take you days to get through and fully absorb the nuggets of survival wisdom handed out in each video. For instance, there is a series of videos by These are basically three to five minute video clips regarding various aspects of survival in the winters. They deal with subjects like fire craft, survival gear, shelter making and frost bite when trapped in the freezing wilderness. The method of narration is brief enough to avoid monotony and clear enough to make even a beginner fully understand the ideas explained. Also, the steps suggested for avoiding or dealing with winter survival issues are relatively simple and easy to implement, and do not require much skill or specialized equipment. Apart from this series, there are videos from the popular “Extreme Survival” series aired on BBC, in which Ray Mears explains several ways of dealing with winter survival situations, for example building shelters, making an improvised pair of snow boots, and kindling a fire. In addition, there are a lot of other videos that will teach you almost all you nee to know about battling the elements in a winter survival situation.


Next, try typing “desert survival” or “heat survival” into the search field. Once again, the number of relevant videos returned is amazing. You can keep viewing them for days on end and still not run out of them. Like winter survival, this topic too is covered in great detail by Ray Mears in the Extreme Survival series. He gives examples of real survivor stories from the deserts, and explains in detail the qualities, provisions or techniques that kept these people alive in this most hostile of natural environments. The tips given include an improvised headdress to protect you from the heat, improvised shades to prevent sand blindness, and building a fire by rubbing two pieces of wood together.

Also, videos by Cody Lundin, popular survival author and an expert on primitive survival techniques, are very helpful in learning about the desert environment. The videos focus on using natural resources of the desert to fulfill your needs of food, water, shelter and fire. They point out how we have descended from people who lived in harmony with desert life of animals and plants and thrived in the arid, harsh environment, so we too have an inherent ability to “live off the land” and survive the harshest of conditions by making use of bugs, birds and bushes.


The point, therefore, is that there is no extreme heat or extreme cold survival situation that you will go through without being significantly benefited by watching these videos. Consider YouTube a blessing, therefore, and use it well to ensure your survival in any unexpected danger that you may land in.

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