Urban Survival – Street Smarts

Survival skills are useful in all kinds of situations, not just associated with the wilderness or if you’re stranded at sea. Urban survival is all about using the best of your ability on ground, among people, in and around your neighborhood.

This also requires skills and knowledge of managing tools and equipment that are acquired, along with various food and water supplies which are equally important for sustenance and survival. Given the rising political tension globally, and the ever increasing unrest within the developed world too owing to economic downturn, there is an increasing need to be prepared to face any unforeseen and disturbing circumstances.

There are several articles, books and online resources available to give you a heads up on urban survival, and you can definitely focus on developing strategies to ensure survival and protection for your family. However, you might also want to attend survival courses to improve on whatever skills and expertise you have, along with experiences of trainers to ensure that you are more than just ready physically and resources. More than anything, you will need a straight head to get you through any of the toughest situations that you possibly come across.

Here are a few essentials of urban survival.

Self Control

The core skill that you should need at any time and in any condition is the ability to control your mind and not be succumbed to negativity. Your control and your ability to manage your own mental condition and those of others can make the difference between being alive and being one of the fallen. It is your intention that will drive you to a successful survival campaign for yourself and that of your fellows.

Basic Skills

You need to gear yourself up with basic tools and equipment to fetch and store water, start a fire to keep warm and cook food, find shelter to stay hidden away from any rowdy elements, or the weather. You also need to know how to get hold of edible food items to maintain energy levels, and a first aid and medical kit to keep your companions away from sickness.

Self Defense

Along with tactics adopted for surviving in the wilderness, you will also need to know how to deal with riots and other street vandalism and crime, that could hamper your life and that of others. You need to know how to use firearms and other weapons, should you find yourself in a situation to use them for self defense.

Home Preparation

So once you are prepared with the basic necessities and knowing your surrounding elements, you also should prepare to safeguard your family and home itself. Though the probability of a nuclear fall out or a several natural disaster is not severe, being ready for it is absolutely necessary. Especially if we know how the political situation has been changing over the last few years, acts of terrorism are common and the constant threat of chemical and armed attack on key locations remains a high risk.


Always have a contingency / back up plan in place. Always confirm that all your equipments, tools, bunkers and other arrangements that you’ve made are always in working condition. You can never be too sure, as in most cases just when you need them, things don’t work as you had expected. You will need to maintain your gear to keep it working. Give your family members a thorough training on emergency situations and managing themselves through such disasters, so they don’t fall prey to unwanted situations, and lose hope unnecessarily.

Do you have any other urban survival tips or techniques?

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