How to Signal For Help

Imagine this: you find yourself in a situation where you are lost, despite the fact that you had the right map, and thought you were headed off for that safe disaster shelter or just cover, and in the right direction.

Maybe you might have carried a lousy map or even lost your way due to rough weather, but does it matter now?

However, what does matter now is the fact that you are lost… and you have to signal for help in order to be found. Your very survival seems to be at stake…

Signalling for Help – Is it important?
If you are a seasoned survivalist, you’d know that this is one of the most important things that survival training can teach you, and is something that should not be missed when it comes to learning as it can determine whether or not you will live or die.

And the truth is that there are several ways by which you can signal for help whether it is to people who are within sight or who are far away.

If you get it done right, you can soon find yourself whisked away to safety by a hunting party or a plane that might be in the vicinity looking for survivors or even you in particular.

How to Signal for Help

Method #1: Using a whistle
Always carry a whistle with you because the general rule for signalling for help is signalling three times. In the case of a whistle, you should blow the whistle in three clear and separate bursts. This will help you to get the attention of people who might be in the vicinity. Similarly, three gunshots are also an excellent idea.

What you should keep in mind is that it isn’t a good idea to strain your vocal chords and scream yourself hoarse. Hence, keep a whistle with you instead.

Method #2: Signal fires

Yet again the method is to start three signal fires that spaced from each other, most likely 50 feet apart and in a triangular shape as well. Ensure that these fires are placed in such a location where you can control the fires easily and which is most likely to be spotted for planes overhead.

If you are building these fires during the day, use wet and green wood to send up thick smoke while it is imperative for you to use dry material to get a roaring fire going if this is at night.

Method #3: Using brightly colored material or an SOS signal
Yet another way by which you can signal for help is by using brightly colored material which should be placed again in a triangular shape, and in particular, in an open space.

Alternatively, making an ‘SOS’ or ‘X’ signal is a good idea especially if you find yourself in an open snowfield, and which can increase the possibility of being rescued by planes overhead.

In Closing
Since this is a vital skill that must be understood by the help of visuals, please watch this video so that you can benefit and find yourself getting acquainted with how to send help signals easily.

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