Wilderness Survival Guide – A Necessity, if you will

Could there be a reason why marines are often provided with an intensive training program before they head off for a mission into the jungle?

Most of these men have been through years of combat training already but when it comes to special missions such as those that requires them to live off the jungle, it is considered a necessity to undergo a training program where all you need is a knife in order to survive in the jungle.

Wilderness Survival – In the Movies
One classic example of this type of training has been exhibited in the first of the Rambo series, Rambo: First Blood with Sylvester Stallone starring as John Rambo who is a Vietnam war veteran and has just returned home.

As he sets traps and is able to deal with both men and dogs with hostile intentions, it doesn’t take long for you to wonder what you would do if you were in that place.

Of course, even when there is no way out (where he gets trapped in a building), he still is able to find a way out by using the fire he lights.

No doubt the movie was a hit but it also tells you one more thing – for reasons other than people who get a rise out of pushing you (as played by the cop in the movie), it shouldn’t be long if you have to learn these survival skills yourself.

But where would you find tips and tricks that will help you in a situation such as this?

The Importance of A Wilderness Survival Guide

When you buy a new electrical appliance that needs to be handled in a particular way, doesn’t it always come with a manual?

While some folks might take on that ‘devil-may-care’ attitude, it’s often provided along with the appliance to ensure that the people who use it are safe.

It’s no different when it comes to being prepared for a situation that the folks from the TV series “Lost” find themselves in. You definitely need a wilderness survival guide for the same, don’t you?

You can not only buy them in the form of books but also look for information that is available over the internet as free resources in the form of text and DIY videos.

Here is a link to an interesting video that can help you to purify water, and you can find several others as well.

Here is the link to an interesting survival e-book that you can purchase for a small price if you’d like to learn more about surviving in the wilderness.

Finally, you can also get excellent books written by army personnel who have first-hand experience and years of training in wilderness survival on Amazon for a small price. (For example, look at this link.)

In Closing
If you are one of those types who don’t need a training manual, you’ll have to rewire that thinking process of yours at least when it comes to guides that teach you to survive in the wilderness. Because, when you least expect it, you’ll need these skills to survive, and you’ll be on your own!

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