Island Survival – What would you do?

The chances of desert island survival begin not with you crashing onto it, but even before you begin the journey. Here are a few precautionary measures that you can take and be prepared for what marooned on a deserted island can be like.

When planning your journey, pack a small back with some vital stuff, like flint and steel and a compass. Little survival tools like these can go a long way when the actual survival takes place. A pocket mirror can be used to attract attention from great distances, such as a boat from the shore. Keep a survival knife with you, these days most airlines will forbid all forms of weapons on planes but ask your airline if it allows survival tools, including knives.

Keep a survival guide with you at all times. You can’t possibly remember what kind of plants to eat and how you can start a fire without flint and steel. Also these manuals come with ingenious ways to filter and purify water. Also, these books will help you recognize what kinds of plants, insects and bugs are edible. The guide will tell you about dealing with medical emergencies if you have no previous skill in this area.

Pack extra medicine like pain killers and bandages, preferably a first aid kit with all the basic amenities. It always helps to keep them handy and at the same time, read up on how you can use natural elements to your medicinal needs. Also, getting marooned on a deserted island usually the result of a horrific and violent crash from which one can receive lots of injuries. Though some injuries may be fatal, there are many injuries which can still be treated immediately.

When boarding a ship or an aircraft, be sure to check where all the emergency lifejackets or rafts are and where the survival kits are kept. Familiarize yourself with its contents and make sure you know how to access it. Make sure you know where to go and who to speak to in cases of emergency. Similarly, learn to how to use your lifejacket once you land in the ocean, that’s the only thing that’ll keep you from drowning.

When starting on the journey, talk to the cabin crew. Ask them about their emergency procedures. During such an emergency, where you have been stranded, they are the people that will take control. Follow their instructions and do not break the chain of command. If you follow their instructions, you’ll be setting a good example and hence others will follow as well. It’s bad as it is that you’re stuck on an island, its best not to get involved in any negative actions, making the situation even worse.

Research a few survival stories. People have survived instances where they’ve been rescued from marooned islands and it’s good to read up on how they’ve dealt with the whole thing. Read about their experience and learn from it. Most people who have survived have done so because they did things in a certain way and it’s not because they’re different than you or me.

Do you have any other tips for island survival?

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  • Bob

    heyy im bob! whats goin on(: hahaha smilie

  • Paul Dragotto

    THE TSA WILL NOT LET YOU EVEN TAKE A SWISS ARMY KNIFE KEY JAIN ON BOARD. GET A CREDIT CARD KNIFE. I ALWAYS CARRY A SMALL 3″/3″ plastic zip lock bad with a large tight ball of cotton and a tube of vaseolien and a desposable lighter. the sparks from the flint will light the cotton and the vaseoline will keep it burning to set your tendered wood , then you can build up your fire. there you have a knife and a fire starter. i also carry a couple of protien bars with me. retired flight tech. and flight engineer.

  • jim marcum

    desert islands offer an array of food if you know where to look and what to eat. also diving and spearing fish is not as easy as it looks and sharks and other dangerous fish are always present. I watched a survival series and the guy said he would like to stay a few more days it was so resting and food was so plentiful. But hazards exist everywhere in the wild like sand fleas sounds innocent but they are not. I would much prefer to try to survive on a desert island compared to anywhere cold or absolutely no rain forests. Among professional survivalist teachers rain forests are the most difficult place to be.

  • Alleged Comment

    Do you have any other tips for island survival?

    if you can live in the state of Hawaii and survive the high taxation of Demoncraps and their buddy unions ripping the State off. If you can stand the BIG UGLY RAIL system costing $10 billion only a handful of people will use. If you can stand the Police Chief and him alone only determining whether you can conceal carry or not, against the Constitution, thereby committing treason on the Hawaiian people.

    Then YES, you can survive on an island.